Teeth contouring facts that you should know before going for the procedure

Dental cosmetic contouring is a widely popular procedure these days. People who are unhappy and dissatisfied with the shape or size of their teeth can go for this procedure and get their dissatisfaction addressed. What exactly is teeth contouring? How is it done? How long it takes? These are some of the questions that come back to my mind from time to time. This is high time to get these queries answered. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore more about this procedure. The information may prove helpful for you in making informed decisions.

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About the procedure

Technically teeth-contouring is called odontoplasty although common people also refer to it as reshaping of the teeth. It is an easy and simple procedure and involves removal of a part of your natural tooth enamel. The procedure proves effective in changing the physical appearance of your tooth or teeth; in other words it alters the length, shape and size of your teeth.

The goal of this particular procedure is to change the shape, length along with the overall appearance of the tooth or teeth. As a result of this overall change your facial aesthetics get significantly uplifted. A dentist in London quotes reasonable cost for tooth contouring over the years says the procedure involves the use of a dental drill or laser. The tool is used to scrape away the natural enamel structure from the targeted tooth or teeth. The enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth; it is also the hardest layer that provides protection to the soft pulp inside. The pulp houses sensitive nerves and blood vessels of the tooth and it resides inside the inner chamber of the tooth. The procedure requires expertise and skills of a trained dentist. It alters the natural structure of the tooth and hence must be carried out with utmost care and caution. If the procedure is not done correctly the tooth or teeth may get exposed to potential damages that are hard to compensate.

On the positive side the procedure is fast and absolutely pain-free; moreover there is no turnaround time involved. It requires just a single visit to your dentist and even the most anxious patients require just a single local anaesthesia to undergo the procedure.

The benefits it offers

Dental or teeth contouring offers a number of benefits but when cosmetic contouring is concerned, it is only meant to enhance your aesthetics. In fact the procedure offers many advantages although enhancing the appearance of your smile is only a part of it. However in order to enjoy the perks the treatment offers you must possess a sound enamel structure of the teeth along with a supportive health history.

Now let us take a quick look on the benefits the procedure offers.

  • The procedure alters both the size and the shape of your teeth which in turns brings about a striking difference in your overall appearance.
  • It proves effective fixing problems like cracked, crooked and misaligned teeth.
  • The procedure of dental contouring can make up for the damage which results from bruxism or teeth grinding.
  • Clean the areas between the teeth prove easier after undergoing this procedure.

Usually this procedure is performed in combination with dental bonding to add substantial material to the tooth to enhance its size, shape and volume. The cost of teeth contouring obviously gets increased when tooth bonding or dental bonding is added to it.

We have discussed the advantages the odontoplasty offers in the section above. Now let us take a look at its limitation. The procedure of dental contouring is effective to repair only minor cosmetic flaws with the teeth and it cannot bring about any drastic chance to either your bite or appearance.  

Remember, your dentist has an important role to play in your cosmetic contouring treatment. It is a dentist who determines if you should undergo the treatment and whether the treatment would really benefit you. A dentist examines you first to make sure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. To know better about the enamel structure of your teeth they have to take x-rays of your mouth. 

The procedure involves scarping away a portion of the enamel structure of a patient’s teeth. This could lead to thinning of your enamel which in turn may bring upon other complications related to the teeth. Most commonly people suffer from tooth sensitivity in these cases. It is important to maintain optimum oral hygiene following odontoplasty says an expert who charges reasonable cost in the UK for teeth contouring.

Especially after undergoing a cosmetic dental contouring procedure you must be little careful and conscious about the following –

  • Quite smoking as well as any other form of tobacco intake
  • Avoid nail biting, chewing on ice or any other non food item that may harm the existing enamel structure of your teeth
  • You should always brush the teeth properly using a toothbrush with soft bristles and toothpaste that is non abrasive

In addition to the guidelines mentioned above it is equally important that you visit your dentist every six months for routine checkups.

Is it right to undergo cosmetic contouring of the teeth?

This is an interesting question and is right there in the mind of the majority of people who are inquisitive about it. The best way to sort this out is consulting with a qualified dentist and then following the recommendations of the expert. After diagnosing you properly and going after your dental history records the dentist can give you an unbiased opinion on whether the procedure will be suitable for you.

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In cases of cosmetic contouring, one thing is sure the patients undergoing the procedure do have any medical need for it. They are experiencing the procedure only for cosmetic or aesthetic enhancement. So in these cases much of the decision has to be taken by the patients themselves, says a dentist associated with the renowned Chatfield Dental Braces Invisalign in London

The procedure is pretty reasonably cost compared to any other cosmetic dentistry procedures. However the exact cost depends on various factors and thus it varies from patient to patient. The factors that influence the cost of the procedure include the location of the tooth in your mouth which you want to undergo the procedure, qualifications and experiences of your dental professional, the location of the practice you go to and the kind of insurance coverage you have, etc. Usually dental insurances do not cover the procedure if it is done only for cosmetic purposes.

As far as the UK is concerned The How Much Is Teeth Contouring Cost per tooth ranges from £40 to £240. For more information about the procedure or to book your appointment for it just feel free to contact us now.

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