Rushing to an emergency dentist is the best way to deal with dental emergencies

A dental emergency is not always supposed to be something serious. There are many instances of dental emergencies which are minor and get resolved on their own. However, some of those could be serious and require immediate intervention of a qualified dentist. Some more examples will help explain the point better. Pain related to wisdom tooth or broken dentures does not qualify as a dental emergency. On the other hand, uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth or a knocked-out tooth is the kind of problem that demands immediate dental care and the attention of a dentist.

A dental emergency may arise anytime, anywhere. It may even arrive without any prior notice. In case of a dental emergency, it is crucial to act fast. Acting fast in these situations makes all the difference in both fixing the problem and making the patient feel better and more comfortable.

In the following paragraphs of the article let us discuss how acting fast in a dental emergency proves helpful in every possible way. This discussion will boost you up to act even faster next time when such an emergency arises. But first, let us brush up on our concept of dental emergencies.

Understanding the concept of dental emergency

A problem related to the tooth or the mouth that requires urgent dental care and treatment is classified as a dental emergency. If the condition is ignored and left unattended by a qualified dentist, it could lead to unnecessary complications over time. People consider the following conditions as dental emergencies. If you experience any of these symptoms you must book an emergency appointment with the dentist and get yourself properly diagnosed.

  • Severe and uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth or oral cavity that seems no ending
  • Acute and unbearable pain in the tooth
  • Trauma to the face
  • Severe bleeding after extracting a tooth and the bleeding continues even after biting into gauze
  • Severe infection in the soft tissues of the tooth or the gums
  • A knocked-out tooth
  • Swelling around the face, neck, and cheek that makes rapid progress
  • Severe pain in the mouth or the face that does not ease away with over-the-counter painkillers
  • Trauma-related to dental arches

Moreover, you should not ever hesitate walking into the A&E room of a hospital if ou experience any of the symptoms given below –

  • Unbearable pain in the tooth
  • Severe bleeding from the mouth
  • Injuries sustained in the mouth, face or the teeth
  • There is difficulty in breathing accompanied by swelling in the face, neck or cheek

If you cannot make it to the A&E room for whatsoever reason, one of the best emergency dentists in London suggests, call NHS 111 or hook into the 111 online services to get help from their trained experts. 

Need to deal with dental emergencies fast, why?

A dental emergency must be given immediate care and attention under any circumstance. This is indeed important to mitigate the risk of any serious complications as well as to avoid any long term problems that may crop from the condition. You may think that a dental emergency can resolve itself on its own without the intervention of a dentist. However, that is never the case always. Certain emergency cases can only be resolved by the intervention of a qualified and trained dentist. There are several reasons why a dental emergency must be attended to immediately on a priority basis. The reasons include the following –

To get a correct assessment of the damage

In case of a dental emergency if you do not let a dentist intervene and look into the matter then you never get a correct assessment about the issue. Thus you will also never be able to pursue the right course of action to overcome the problem safely. A dentist is trained and qualified to deal with those issues. The expert will assess the condition correctly (for example it could be a bacterial infection in the tooth pulp) and then provide you with the right treatment and advice to ensure complete recovery sooner.

Prevent the issue from spreading further and becoming more serious

When a dental emergency is not sorted fast then the condition may simply turn worse, leading to severe complications. These complications may affect both the oral health and overall physical wellbeing of the patient. If you have a knocked-out tooth then it is highly important to rush to a dentist immediately and get the proper treatment started maximum within a couple of hours of the accident. Only then the knocked out tooth can be preserved and retained and the patient will not have to suffer from tooth loss explains a busy emergency dentist in London. But if it is too late to reach a dentist then the knocked out tooth cannot be retained or preserved.

Things you should know before going for your implants treatment

When a dental emergency is left uncared and untreated it often leads to additional complications like cuts on the tongue and the inner lips, damage to the other soft tissues in the mouth, irritation of the gums, and others. These additional issues are easily avoidable provided you see a dentist as soon as possible after suffering a dental emergency. A chipped tooth is a case of dental emergency. If you ignore seeing a dentist after suffering a chipped tooth then you may also suffer from other complications like erosion of enamel from the tooth surface and even loss of the affected tooth.

You may even feel that the dental emergency you have suffered from is not serious enough to go a dentist on an emergency dental appointment. But when you eat or drink those activities may impart excess pressure on your tooth or the gum and that could make the situation more complicated.

Minimise pain and discomfort

People who suffer from dental emergencies usually experience unbearable pain in the teeth, gum, or the jaw. The pain could be severe enough to stop you from eating, drinking or going to sleep. In severe cases, the normal life of a patient gets completely disrupted in such conditions. Acute pain in the tooth is not always manageable with over-the-counter medications. This is also another reason why you should never ignore a dental emergency and see an Emergency Dentist in London immediately after suffering one.

Experienced dentists working at Emergency Dentist London Pro add that prompt intervention of a dentist in case of a dental emergency also reduces the risk of infection. Moreover, it releases the anxiety of a patient to a great extent. Last but the least, ignoring a dental emergency may leave the door open for more costly dental treatments in the course of time.

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