Things you should know before going for your implants treatment

Dental implants Wimbledon replace the root of a missing tooth. These metal posts or screws hold an artificial tooth in place permanently. Thus application of dental crowns, bridges and dentures gets a new dimension with the evolution of implant technology in dentistry. An implant can replace one or more of your lost tooth or teeth.

Now that the introductory part is over let us now get into the details about it.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a tiny threaded post. It replaces the roots of your missing or lost tooth. These posts are made of biocompatible metals so that after a certain period the metal structure fuses with the surrounding bones and the tissues in your mouth. The majority of Best Affordable Dental Implants are made from titanium although some are made from ceramic. Just like the metal titanium which is a metal ceramic too is safe for your health and is biocompatible.

The way dental implants work

The procedure of dental implant involves a dental surgery. The threaded post is surgically drilled and placed into your jaw. Once the surgical wound heals up completely your dentist places a crown on top of it. Depending on your expectations and goals related to your oral health the dentist may make use of dental bridges, crowns or dentures to restore your implant with. Unlike any other tooth replacement solution only dental implant both looks and works like your natural tooth.

Who are ideal patients for dental implants surgery?

Best Dental implants in Wimbledon surgery benefits those, who have a missing tooth or teeth. You are suitable to undergo the invasive procedure of dental implants if you have lost a tooth or teeth because of any of any of the factors –

  • Severe tooth decay or cavity
  • Gum disease or periodontal infection
  • Fracture at the root of the tooth
  • Bruxism or grinding or clenching the teeth at night while asleep
  • Facial injury or trauma

The implants treatment is even suitable for those who have congenially missing teeth, that is they were born without certain teeth explains a dentist in London provide  Cheap dental implants at affordable prices.

About the procedure involved

  • Getting prepared for Affordable teeth dental implants surgery
  • Before undergoing the implants surgery you must handover the list of all the medications you are currently having. If you take any supplement then that must be included in your list. In case you are taking any anticoagulant or blood-thinner then it is important to tell that to our dentist in the first place. The dentist may even discuss your case with your general physician to decide whether you should stop taking any medicine before undergoing the implant procedure.
  • Before undergoing the invasive dental procedure you should see your general physician. A general check-up and measuring the blood pressure are two vital things to attend to during this visit. These checkups ensure you do not suffer from any health condition that may interfere with your implant surgery.
  • It is a good idea to discuss about sedation options with your dentist. It is a customary practice that dentists administer dental implants patients with sedation before the surgery. This is meant to help the patients relax and remain painless during and immediately after the surgery.
  • It is much better if you could arrange a trusted friend or a family member to drive you home after the completion of the surgery.

How things unfold in a dental implant surgery

The following steps occur sequentially during an implant surgery –

  • A patient is administered with anaesthesia
  • The dentist creates a small cut in your gum.
  • Preparing the jaw
  • Placing the implant post
  • Closing the incision

Now let us get into the details of these steps.

  • Administering anaesthesia on a patient before the surgery

The dental team attending on you will administer local anaesthesia to your gums. As a result the sensation in your gum area will become numbed. In case you prefer sedation, they will administer that as well.

  • Creating an incision

After administering anaesthesia and sedation they will give you some time to become comfortable. Then the dentist makes a tiny incision or cut on the gum at the location where the implant will go. The incision is done to expose the bone underneath. This makes possible for the dentist to place the implant.

  • Preparing the jaws

A dentist renowned for offering affordable dental implants in Wimbledon explains during the procedure an array of specialised dental tools and instruments is used to make an opening in the jawbone. Once the opening is made it is widened until it is large enough for the implant to pass through.

  • Placement of dental implant

At this stage the implant post is finally placed into your jawbone.

  • Closing the incision

Once the implant is correctly placed the incision in the gum is closed with stitches.

Once the implant is surgically placed into the gum bone, there is a recess in the treatment for about a few months. During this time the surgical wound heals up completely and the implant post fuses with the surrounding bones and the gum tissues. Once the site is completely healed, only then the dentist can place the final restoration. During the healing phase the dentist may provide you with a temporary and mostly removable restoration.

After the implant is placed at the designated site

There will be a list of postoperative instructions for you to follow given by your dentist. They will also prescribe antibiotic medications to combat infection at the treatment site. In order to reduce your discomfort and the risk of soreness you can take the certain initiatives.

  • Do not forget taking all the medicines according to the prescription
  • Stay away from any kind of physical exhaustion, exercises, workouts and such other activities at least for 72 hours following the implant placement surgery
  • Do not perform any kind of heavy lifting either for that time frame

You should avoid any and every activity that can increase the heart rate. An increased heart rate may result in more pain and swelling to suffer from explains a dentist associated with the renowned Sw19 Confidental Dental Clinic Wimbledon Dentist.

Chew on only one side of the mouth. Use the side opposite to the one on which the Best Cheap and Affordable Dental implant in Wimbledon, London is placed for chewing. It is better to live on a soft diet for the first few days following the surgery. Avoid having hard foods till your comfort level is back which usually takes only a few days.

In addition to that it is important to clean the site of the implant regularly as directed by the dentist. Do not skip brushing and flossing the teeth every day either.

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