Composite Bonding: The Details You Must Know Before the Treatment

Whenever there is any cracked or chipped tooth, dentist recommends to undergo composite bonding. Over time, it garners popularity as a quick and inexpensive procedure to achieve a flawless and bright smile. Still, many people are in doubt if the procedure is safe or not.

So, in this blog, we compile details on composite bonding which are helpful to clear your doubts and let you make the right decision for your smile and oral health. Start reading it…..

What’s composite bonding?

Synonym as dental bonding or tooth bonding, composite bonding is the ultimate solution to restore the teeth from minor cosmetic damages. It helps in correcting various dental imperfections like discolouration, gaps, fractures and chips. The process involves the application of composite resin to retain the original look of the teeth.

Usually, dentist chooses the resin colour that perfectly goes with natural teeth colour. The composite bonding cost is relatively affordable in contrast to other available options. But you must consult with the dentist to determine if you are eligible for the treatment and discuss on your other concerns at the same time.

How composite bonding benefits a dental patient?

2 main benefits of composite bonding are:

  • Fast and efficient- Dentist can perform composite bonding in a single dental visit. This treatment provides efficient and fast solution to correct minor cosmetic problems. After resin application, curing light helps in hardening the material for comfortable biting afterwards.
  • Non-invasive- Bonding is completely non-invasive while the alternatives like veneers and crowns need to remove some tooth part permanently. Dentist only roughens up the teeth surface to apply the bonding, moulding and hardening it followed by polishing in the end. So, it ensures the intactness of the entire dental structure.

What is the average cost of cosmetic bonding treatment?

Composite bonding cost in London varies based on the amount of work you need. The average price can vary anywhere between £200 and £400 each tooth. Arrange an appointment with the dentist for assessment and cost estimation of the treatment.   

Can you perform composite bonding at the NHS?

You cannot perform composite bonding at the NHS as it is not available there. You need to find a reliable dental clinic in the city where you can undergo the treatment by an experienced dentist. Many clinics are there which offer transparent and competitive pricing and discuss the entire treatment plan so that you stay well aware of it.

Is it possible to offer a combination of composite bonding and whitening to a patient?

Composite bonding itself a perfect solution for stained teeth. But it is fine to use as a combination of teeth whitening and bonding to offer whiter and brighter smile. During your dental visit, the dentist will suggest whitening treatment before bonding.

As resin colour needs to match with the natural colour of the teeth it is better to enhance the natural teeth colour first. Moreover, if you do bonding first then whitening is not possible anymore.

What involves composite bonding treatment?

During the session, dentist will select the resin colour that mimics the natural colour of your teeth to give natural appearance. Then they will prepare the teeth by roughening and scraping off the surface. Now they will coat the teeth using a liquid so that the resin sticks to the teeth firmly.

After the resin application, dentist will mould it to give the desired shape and harden it using a curing light. Lastly, polishing is done to give the tooth a perfect natural appeal.

Is it possible to perform composite bonding while having gum disease?

Composite bonding is not possible if you are suffering from gum disease. In such instances, dentist needs to treat the disease before performing the bonding. However, if there is receding gums which result in gaps or spaces in between the teeth bonding can fix it perfectly.

How to take necessary care of the composite bonding?

Whether you get cheap composite bonding in London or it costs you more, maintenance is same for all bonding and they are in the following:

  • Refrain from stain-inducing edible items- You have to stop having any stain-causing foods and drinks like coffee, tea and others for up to 48 hours after performing it.
  • Practice essential oral care routine- Follow the necessary oral care routine like regular brushing and flossing. Even, you should visit the dental hygienist at a regular interval for good maintenance of dental health. By this way you can keep the composite bonding stain-free, clean and healthy.
  • Avoid bad habits- Abstain certain bad habits like chewing on pen lids or biting nails as it can chip the bonded materials.Remember, bonds are not strong like natural tooth and you must be careful to diminish the risk of damage completely.

Which are some alternatives available for composite bonding?

Some substitutions of composite bonding are in the following:

  • Crowns- Crown is all about tooth-shaped cap for positioning on the tooth. The function and feel of crown is similar to that of the natural teeth. However, in case you go with porcelain crown then anyone can virtually distinguish it.
  • Veneers- It refers to thin customised mould prepared from porcelain to bond on the teeth’s front surface. These are excellent for filling the gaps between the teeth in which orthodontic solution cannot help at all.

Teeth contouring facts that you should know before going for the procedure

Bear in mind that these options can lead to dental damage in some way or other! Although veneers become very popular over the last few years but porcelain is used to make this and scraping off some amount of teeth enamel is necessary to fit the veneer. As a result, your teeth suffer from irreversible damage. Like veneers, crown needs shedding some part of healthy tooth too for a snugly fit.


Composite bonding is a viable way to get flawless smile without paying much and in no time. You can consider having it in case you want to fix certain dental imperfections. However, you should consult with the dentist at Composite Bonding London Prices, Smile Clinic London.

Only they have the experience to determine if composite bonding suitable for you! Also, dental consultation gives you the liberty to clear your concerns regarding dental and oral health.

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