2024 P&C Market Outlook: Impact on Insurance Pricing and Availability

In the 2024 P&C Market Outlook, Alera Group predicts significant changes in the insurance landscape. With unprecedented industry losses and unprofitability, homeowners and auto insurance will experience pricing increases and limited availability. The study reveals that pricing is expected to rise in most insurance lines, with the most significant rate increases projected for commercial property, commercial auto, and personal lines. Additionally, capacity will vary across different lines, with decreases anticipated in personal lines, commercial auto, and commercial property. Underwriting requirements will also become stricter, particularly in personal lines and commercial property. Stay informed about the evolving insurance market to navigate the complexities and adapt your risk management strategy accordingly.

Projected Price Increases in Insurance Lines

In the 2024 P&C Market Outlook, Alera Group highlights the expected price increases in different insurance lines. While public and private directors and officers liability (D&O) and workers’ compensation may see stable pricing, other lines are projected to experience price hikes. Commercial property, commercial auto, and personal lines are anticipated to face the most significant rate increases, ranging from 10% to 15%.

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These price increases can be attributed to unprecedented industry losses and unprofitability. As insurance companies aim to mitigate risks and ensure profitability, buyers should be prepared for higher premiums in the coming year.

Varying Capacity in Different Insurance Lines

The 2024 P&C Market Outlook also reveals that capacity levels will vary across different insurance lines. While there may be an increase in capacity for public and private directors and officers liability (D&O), environmental liability, surety bonds, and workers’ compensation, other lines will experience a decrease in capacity.

Respondents in the survey anticipate a decrease in personal lines capacity, as well as in commercial auto and commercial property. Additionally, environmental liability and medical malpractice lines are expected to see a decrease in capacity. These changes in capacity can impact the availability of coverage for policyholders.

Stricter Underwriting Requirements

Underwriters will continue to be selective in the accounts they write, as indicated by the survey findings. In the 2024 P&C Market Outlook, respondents anticipate stricter underwriting requirements in several insurance lines.

Personal lines are expected to face more rigorous standards, with underwriters scrutinizing policies more closely. Similarly, commercial property and commercial auto will also see tighter underwriting requirements. Other lines such as medical malpractice, umbrella/excess liability, general liability, and cyber insurance are expected to have increased underwriting scrutiny as well.

Policyholders should be prepared for potential challenges in meeting these stricter requirements and may need to provide more detailed information during the underwriting process.

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