Mastering Personalized Customer Journeys with Multi-Channel Automation Tools

In the digital age, almost all areas of customer interactions with your brand (touchpoints) have turned virtual. Moreover, with multiple channels, most small brands adopt a generic strategy. However, with marketing automation tools, you can personalize the customer journey at every step and across multiple channels seamlessly. 

All the reputable internet marketing agencies in India always use marketing automation tools to deliver that personalized customer journey for their clients. When you deliver exactly what customers want across all platforms and when they want it, it leads to deeper engagement and helps convert more casual window shoppers into paying customers.

Ways to leverage marketing automation tools for multiple channels:

1. Create different customer profiles

You won’t be able to deliver personalized customer journeys unless you know what the customer wants. That’s why any successful omnichannel marketing strategy starts with segmenting your existing and potential customers into segments or customer profiles. Popular marketing automation tools like HubSpot Marketing Hub offer such features.

They collect data across multiple channels and segment customers according to their behavior, demographics, preferences, purchasing power, and other valuable metrics. Online marketing companies leverage this data to send personalized messages and solutions that address specific problems or issues.

2. Lead scoring

Lead scoring is a standard practice for marketing departments of every big organization. In this process, whatever data or leads are collected from downloaded content, website visits, social media interaction, email clicks, calls, and other sources are assigned points. These points decide the value of every lead. For instance:

  • Lead obtained from a website visit gets a low score, while
  • A customer’s interest in participating in your company’s webinar is a high-value lead.

With tens of thousands or hundreds of leads, manually scoring and prioritizing leads may exhaust all of your resources. That’s why digital marketing companies near me use marketing automation tools for the job. This allows them to score and prioritize leads at a fraction of the cost and enables them to send targeted messages to people who are most likely to convert.

3. Deliver dynamic content

Imagine this scenario. You are shopping online for new sneakers. You visit a website and see a generic banner that shows the trending sneakers of the month.

Your experience will be drastically better when you visit a new sneaker website and log into that automatically with your social media ID. Now, that banner changes with a welcome message along with your name and shows you the sneakers you had saved before or those that you have been browsing on social media.

That’s a classic example of how dynamic content can radically change customer experience and elevate it by several notches. Marketing automation tools allow you to deliver dynamic content (text, audio, video, or other format preferred by the customer) on their preferred platform. Dynamic content can drastically improve the customer journey at every touchpoint with more relevant ads, more contextual emails, and videos that solve their issues. 

4. More personalized recommendations

As mentioned above, dynamic content helps deliver more relevant content to your customers. Well, offshore digital marketing services often leverage marketing automation tools to take personal recommendations to the next level. According to a McKinsey report, around half of the shoppers in the US, UK, Germany, and other countries don’t mind signing up for personalization if they can get more relevant and personalized offers.

These tools help you understand not just the ‘What’ of customer preference, but present valuable insights on the ‘Why’ as well. Let’s understand this through the sneaker example. Marketing automation tools can measure your dwell time on different product pages and let you know that the customer is looking more at options with higher shock absorption and breathability. This allows you to present recommendations that lean heavily towards performance over casual wear.

5. Proactive customer service

When shopping online, customers want rapid solutions to their problems. That’s where chatbots integrated with marketing automation tools can help. Chatbots on your website and social media platforms can bring your customer queries to a central dashboard and allow you to help your customers at their preferred channels seamlessly. When customers feel seen and heard like that. it reinforces the positive image of your brand. 

Generic marketing simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Harness the power of marketing automation tools to enhance personalization across all channels or hire an internet marketing agency in India who have been doing it successfully for their clients.

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