5 Ways To Get Rid Of Hangover

You promised you wouldn’t drink more than 1 glass of whiskey, but here you are trying to google remedies for curing hangovers. If you are an avid drinker, then you probably aren’t here, as you are the master of hangovers. But if you are a newbie, or if you are someone looking for a constructive way to get rid of that sick morning feeling after drinking, this article is for you! Or, if you are planning on drinking anytime soon, I’m sure you can use some of these tricks to deal with hangovers. Once you have taken control of your routine and consciousness, you can take charge of your body and metabolism with the help of nutritious food and biotin gummies.

This blog will be your guiding light out of a messed up mental and body situation where you want to fix yourself again, but this time in the most sober way. We have added some remedies, and as a bonus, we have also talked about how you can minimize the impact of hangovers😀

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Again? NO! Of course, we are not prompting you to drink again. We mean water, buddy 🙂 So, when you drink alcohol, you tend to pee more as alcohol restricts the secretion of vasopressin, which reduces the volume of urine created by the kidneys. Your hangover might cause sweating, vomiting or dehydration. Water can help cut down your hangover.

Carb on!

Consuming alcohol can decrease blood sugar levels, which could potentially cause headaches or fatigue. Blood sugar levels further get lowered when you don’t eat while drinking. Have a carbohydrate-rich snack that can balance your blood sugar levels and provide relief.

Have Some Tea

Chamomile tea can help you tackle hangover-associated anxiety. Tea made from this soothing flowering plant reduces jitters, promotes sleep, and relieves your stomach.

Consume Vitamin B and zinc

As per a 2019 study on ‘Dietary Nutrient Intake, Alcohol Metabolism, and Hangover Severity’ by Joris C. Verster, people who had a higher intake of zinc, were less prone to severe hangovers. You can consume vitamin gummies or zinc gummies! They are a yummier and more convenient nutritional solution in comparison to poor-tasting meds.


Getting extra sleep is one of the most effective hangover treatments you can try. Alcohol disturbs your circadian clock and hinders part of our essential REM sleep; it’s doubtful that you’ll fall into a deep, restful slumber after consuming excessive amounts. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, lack of sleep is associated with anger and sadness, and alcohol, which is depressive, can worsen these effects.

Final Thought: 

Keeping all these things in this New Year’s party hangover, hydrate with water, consume electrolytes and eat soft, easily digestible foods. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as they can worsen dehydration. Rest and sleep are important for recovery. Some people find relief from over-the-counter pain relievers but use them with caution. Ultimately, prevention through abstinence is the best strategy for reducing a hangover. 

Without any harm to your beautiful skin, you can reduce the impact of hangovers by drinking slowly while you are full. Consume more honey, vitamin gummies, carbohydrates, and eggs that can absorb alcohol. Drink enough water and fruit juices, and don’t sink completely into drinking; meaning, keep yourself engaged in activities, such as dancing, bowling, and playing board games, so you drink less. Buddies, seriously drink in moderation, your body and your future self will thank you! I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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