What Women Should Wear During Umrah Journey?-Umrah Packages


Umrah is the most important Islamic pilgrimage for Muslims. It is not compulsory in Islam but it is a recommendation for Muslims to perform the Umrah journey once in their lifetime. Allah Almighty has fixed rules and regulations for the sacred pilgrimage. It is mandatory on Muslims to follow all the rules and regulations given by Allah Almighty. If they do not follow them then their journey is invalid. The main purpose of the Umrah journey is to please Allah Almighty and if we do not follow the instructions given by Him then why we are going to perform it?

There is a specific dressing for the performance of the Umrah journey. Muslims have to enter the state of Ihram before entering into Masjid-Al-Haram. Ihram is special clothing for men and women during their Umrah journey. For men, it is white unstitched clothes but women can wear their casual clothes for the state of Ihram. But there are some rules for the Ihram of women also. You can avail of Umrah packages from Makkahtours and perform the Umrah journey at any time of the year.

Rules For Ihram Of Women

Allah Almighty has given the flexibility to women in the state of Ihram. She can wear casual clothes in the state of Ihram. But there are some rules and regulations regarding these casual clothes Women must have to follow these rules when they are going to enter the state of Ihram. Perform Umrah with Makkahtours by getting their Umrah packages. These packages are available in reasonable ranges. You can customize Umrah packages 2022 according to your needs and demands. Now let us move towards the rules for the Ihram of women without wasting your time.

Covering the face

Covering your face during your Umrah journey is prohibited. Women cannot cover their faces when they are in the state of Ihram. The Whole body of women must be covered in the state of Ihram except hand and face. She is not allowed to cover her face in the state of Ihram. Covering hands is also a prohibition when you are in a sacred state of Ihram. Your hand and face must remain uncovered.

As men cannot cover their heads, similarly, women cannot cover their hands and faces. There is a crystal clear Hadith of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH about covering the face of women during the performance of the Umrah journey.  He said that women should not cover their face and she cannot wear gloves as well when she is in the state of Ihram. So, the women who are reading these instructions must follow these rules when they go to perform the Umrah journey with Umrah packages of Makkahtours.

Color Of Clothes That Women Can Wear In The State Of Ihram

There are no specifications for the color of clothes in Ihram for women. Women can wear clothes in any color. But there is a recommendation that you should not wear clothes that attract the attention of other people. Your clothes should be as simple as possible. The clothes you are going to wear during your Umrah journey must cover your arms and legs properly. It should not be too much short. The length of the clothes should be normal. It should not cover your hands.

There is a prohibition on wearing skin-hugging clothes. Such types of clothes disclose the dimensions of your limbs. In this way, such clothes attract the attention of others which is not allowed. So, try to wear loose clothes. Transparent clothes are also not allowed. The clothes you wear must follow these rules in the state of Ihram. Most of the women prefer abaya in the state of Ihram. They wear an abaya and Hijab on their head. In this way, their whole body remains covered except their hand and face. Makkahtours is the best travel agency that provides you with the best Umrah packages a very reasonable and affordable prices. Grab the opportunity as soon as possible.

Wearing Jewelry In The State Of Ihram

There is no prohibition for jewelry in the state of Ihram. A woman in the state of Ihram can wear jewelry. Wearing jewelry is not so much appreciated but it is not prohibited. If a woman is willing to wear jewelry in the state of Ihram then she can wear it. But keep in your mind that your jewelry should not make attentive other people towards you. It is counted in sins that other men become attentive towards you due to your clothes and jewelry.

Make sure that if you are wearing jewelry then it must be covered under your clothes that remain hidden. According to Shih Al Bukhari, there is nothing wrong in wearing jewelry under the consideration of Hazrat Ayesha R.A. Hence, it is present in the Hadith that there is no wrong in it if a woman wears jewelry in the state of Ihram.

Instructions Regarding Clothes Of Ihram

There are certain details and factors regarding the clothes of Ihram for women. We should consider the dos and don’ts when we are in the state of Ihram. After reading these tips, it will be beneficial for you in the Selection of clothes for the Umrah journey. In this way, it will save you lots of time. Moreover, get the Umrah packages UK from Makkahtours.

Multiple Sets Of Ihram

It is advisable to take multiple Ihrams with you. There can be different situations in which your Ihram can be dirty. In this way, you should have another Ihram with you. You can change your Ihram when necessary. If you ar3 going in the summer season then the sweat will irritate you a lot and you have to change your Ihram. Women can take their casual clothes with them for the state of Ihram. The fabric of Ihram must be thick.

Choose A Mixed Fabric

As we know that Saudi Arabia is a hot climatic region and the temperature is very high. If you choose very much thick fabric then you will feel hot and if the fabric will be thin then it will reflect your body. Due to this reason, you have to choose a mixed fabric. It will cover your body as well as keep you away from the heat of the scorching sun. Get the Umrah packages from Makkahtours and perform Umrah this year.

Avoid Black Clothing

There is a lot of heat absorption in the black color. As there is the scorching heat of the Sun in Saudi Arabia. If we wear black color then the heat will become unbearable for us. It will make you feel hotter. There is no restriction on wearing black color but it is advised not to wear black color if you are performing the Umrah journey in the summer season.

Right Footwear

The selection of shoes is as important as the selection of clothes. The feet of the women must be in cover. If you are wearing flip-flops then you must have to wear socks to cover the feet. Try to wear comfortable shoes because you have to cover long distances and walk as well.


In short, Ihram is the most important part of your Umrah journey. It is because your Umrah is invalid without wearing Ihram. So, you must know about the rules and regulations of Ihram. One must follow these tips when you are going to decide on your Umrah clothing. Moreover, Makkahtours have the best Umrah packages for you this year.


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