What are some of the best ways to promote a book marketing on Social media?


Social Media has definitely changed the way how we look at networking now, be it personal or professional. It has equally impacted the book industry and in a very positive way. Authors can now promote their books at big platforms investing little bit of time and money. It has brought all newbies and biggies of the field on the same platform to promote their books to the potential audience. An author can easily reach to its readers who he thinks will have interest in his writing. And that is not all, you have an access to all the statistics and data like how many people are following you, your website visits, and more, which will help you analyze better and improve your strategies towards your book marketing. You just need to apply some thought or even easier hire a professional book marketing team who know more about this business, and simply keep an eye and enjoy the results.

Since you are self-publishing your book, the sales and royalties will be yours and you must equally participate in the way you promote your book. Your self-publisher will provide you all technical guidance and assist you throughout and it’s better to be involved to make the process successful. Below are just a few points which you can take care of and make a difference:

Book Marketing on Social Media

  1. Use of Pictures: Visual promotion is quite interesting and does catch attention from everyone even the ones who would have otherwise just passed away from your post/tweet.

  2. Interactive posts: You can invite your followers to may be participate in surveys which could be general or related to your book like if they would be interested in having a sequel etc. Have some quizzes, related to your characters or about your book genre literature and you can may be give away a few copies as prize to the winners.

  3. Create Good content: Either invest time to create that or may be hire a professional content writer to create content for your book marketing purpose.

  4. Chain followers: Ask your followers to invite their friends to share your pages on platforms like facebook and Instagram. It will not just make the people associate with you but will also bring new readers to your book.

  5. Use Hashtags and build a community around your book and its concept.

  6. Offer a few chapters free of cost for reading. This is really a good idea especially for fiction novels to create suspense and interest in your readers.

  7. Post Headlines: Post short catchy phrases because everyone might not be interested in reading long posts from everyone, but short catchy phrases don’t go unnoticed and will definitely aid in building your fan base.

  8. Add sharing buttons on your social media pages.

  9. Share photos of your book signing, book reading at a school to showcase the work is going on in real. Like pictures, photos don’t go unnoticed too.

  10. Make use of the occasions: For example, during Christmas have posts and your book relate to the subject.

  11. Timing: It again plays a very important in social media. If your target audience is mostly in EST, it would be preferred that you put your posts most during EST evening time when many of the users are usually active and chances of interaction increases.

  12. Go for paid or sponsored campaigns and reap the benefits from there.

  13. Don’t give up: Last but not the least don’t give up. One post won’t do the magic, you have to remain consistent and you will see the results. You need to not just create new posts and tweets but you can also share any old post again especially the popular ones and always keep your book in sight.


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