Understanding The Layout And Rules Of The Casino Roulette Game


With roots in the 18th century, roulette has been one of the longest-standing classic casino games and its popularity continued well into the modern casino world. The concept of roulette was first introduced by a French man named Blaise Pascal. The most important part of the game is the roulette wheel, which is a beautiful piece of hardware that most players take for granted, but there is high precision engineering and craft behind it. In this article, we will help you understand the layout and rules of the Casino Roulette Game.

How A Roulette Wheel Is Crafted?

Similar to the older days, roulette wheel manufacturers still use wood for the fabrication as it is a sturdy and reliable material that gives this sophisticated game an old-school look and feel. Through careful polishing of the Mahogany wood, manufacturers achieve the vintage aesthetics and shine of the roulette wheel. Almost 70% of the roulette wheel is made out of wood, whereas the handles and separators that divide each numbered field are made of metal components.

The initial step is the production of a wooden frame. Then the bowl surpasses through the process of sandblasting and polishing. The basic idea is to keep the wooden texture and patterns intact and provide a black colour to the edges. In the next step, the metal wheel is attached to the wooden frame and numbers get fixed for installation and balancing. The next step includes putting the divider pockets that ensure the ball stops only at one number every time. Before the packaging starts, the final step of crafting a roulette wheel is connecting a metal handle or turret which will help in rotating the wheel during the gameplay.

Understanding The Layout of The Roulette Wheel

One of the best ways to improve your roulette game betting is to properly understand how many numbers are there on the wheel and the sequence that you can expect on the wheel. First of all, it is necessary to acknowledge that the position of each number on the roulette wheel is not linked to its numerical value. In fact, number sequencing is very difficult to understand, but there is a simple explanation for it. Each number is placed in the sequence on the wheel for ensuring that there is no number or section bias whatsoever.

Alongside, the individual pockets of the roulette wheel alternate between red and black, giving all players a 50% chance of choosing correctly. There is an equal spread of low-value (1-18) and high-value (19-36) numbers, with no two even or odd numbers positioned alongside one another.

Talking about the number of pockets used on a roulette wheel, this differs based on the version of roulette you are choosing to play. Some casino roulette wheels have up to 38 pockets, while others will have 37 pockets. This is because of the inclusion of a single zero and a double zero pocket. The last pocket is used in conjunction with the single zero in 38-pocket roulette wheel games. The addition of a double zero is designed to reduce your winning probability and increase the edge in favour of the house.

Rules Of The Casino Roulette Game

To begin a game of roulette, all active players should place a bet on the outcome of the next spin of the roulette wheel. Players buy into a roulette game using real money, receiving casino chips in exchange and are ready to place any number of propositions on the roulette table.

Players can place bets on a host of number combinations. To start off, there are bets known as ‘inside bets’, where players place their chips directly on a specific number or multiple specific numbers. If the ball lands on the number they bet on, they’ll secure a payout at odds of 35/1.

Then, there are ‘outside bets’, that can be placed on particular outcomes such as high or low, odd or even number, red or black, first, second or third dozen. The outside bets of a roulette board tend to convey a much higher probability of occurring than inside bets and hence, carry reduced betting odds and subsequent payouts. The bets you place during the game will ultimately depend upon how risk-averse you are and how much you wish to spend.

The Bottomline

Roulette is quite similar to a random number generator, but it varies in a number of ways. Some casinos also have mechanisms that direct the balls into 0 or 00 with a croupier’s touch. Although, it is still one of the most popular games in traditional casinos.

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