Top Reasons Why Cat6 Plenum Cable is the Best in Business


The field of networking has evolved a lot since its inception. You have plenty of options to choose from. That is why it has become highly imperative to choose the right cable for your network. Since there are a lot of options out there, it has become somewhat tough to get the right cable. For example, if you have decided to choose cat6 plenum Ethernet cable, you need to know a bit about category 6 cables.

This article will enlighten about Ethernet cables and their categories. In addition to that, we’ll also discuss the factors that make Cat6 Plenum a great cable. Let’s dive into it.

But First, Ethernet, Cable Categories

There are a lot of categories when it comes to Ethernet cables. You can find cat5, cat5e, cat6, and cat6a from any manufacturer in your area. The word “cat” is shorter for the category in the networking industry. All these categories are different from each other based on various factors like speed, data transfer rate, connectivity, and distance. Let’s talk about Ethernet cable categories briefly.

Cat5 – this is a rather older cable, even though it was the first choice for many installers. This cable has been replaced by its successor. Coming back to cat5, this cable has a 100 MHz data transfer rate. In addition to that, this cable has RJ45 termination on both ends.

Cat5e – the letter “e” stands for enhanced in its name. This is also a category 5 cable but with a modern update. Cat5e is still one of the best cables for domestic purposes. Furthermore, this cable has a better ability to fight off crosstalk. Not to mention, you will be getting a data transfer rate of 1gigabit. Lastly, the price of this cable is also a plus point.

Cat6 plenum Ethernet cableCat6 plenum cable is ideal for both domestic and commercial purposes. This cable has the ability to offer 10gigabit data transfer rate. The shielded version of this cable is perfect for data centers. Even though there are newer cables in the market, cat6 still stands with its full might.

Cat6a – being an augmented version of cat6, this cable does everything that a cat6 does and more. You will be getting a data transfer rate along with excellent signal strength. Furthermore, this cable can support 10gigabit data transmission along with power over Ethernet. You will not have to worry about crosstalk and interferences with this cable.

Cat7 – this is a rather newer category when it comes to Ethernet cables. You cannot use this cable for your local area network. The best way to test this cable would be by installing it in a data center. The cat7 has the potential to support higher bandwidth, more speed, and all sorts of crosstalk.

The best cable among the lot would be cat6 because of its remarkable speed and affordable price. Lastly, you can use this cable for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Benefits of Choosing Cat6 Ethernet Cable

There are numerous benefits that come with cat6. These useful features make this cable ideal for any kind of usage. Not only will you get excellent money value, but also a highly durable cable. In addition to that, this cable will serve you for years to come. Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages that cat6 has to offer.

Speed – this is one of the biggest benefits that this cable has to offer. The excellent data transfer rate makes cat6 high in demand. Furthermore, 10gigabit data transmission and 500 MHz frequency can handle all the streaming and gaming you want.

Great money value – if you are getting a cat6, think of it like investing in your future. This cable will run for a long period of time. Additionally, you will not have to replace it after every few years. All these factors make this cable a great return for your money.

Backward compatibility – let’s assume that you are thinking about upgrading your network. The best option for you would be cat6 because of its backward compatibility. In addition to that, you will not have to replace your entire network. This cable works perfectly fine with older categories like cat5 and cat5e.

Cat6 plenum & White Cat6 Solid Ethernet cable has become a go-to cable for the past couple of years. You can completely rely on it when it comes to speed, connection strength, and overall great experience.


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