How To Monitor Kids’ Digital Devices In 2023?


Digital devices have become a necessary thing for children and teens. The around-the-clock access to the internet keeps them connected with their friends and family, while social media applications aid them in creating a social image.

Children show off their life online, expecting to acquire their friends’ and class fellows’ approval. However, what if their effort to obtain social endorsement fails?

According to experts, kids who are criticized by their friends digitally become vulnerable, leading them to lower self-confidence. When that materializes, they look for support on the internet and begin interacting with strangers, often making friends with online predators who look for children with low self-esteem.

Parents should monitor kids’ digital devices to guarantee they are safe and secure. This blog will inform you how to track children’s digital devices without their knowledge.

How To Monitor Kids’ Digital Devices In 2023?

Here are the best approaches to monitoring your offspring’s devices without letting them know.

1.     Send Your Child’s Messages To Your Phone

This method allows you to access every text message your kid receives and sends on his iPhone. You have to root around in your settings to gain access to your kid’s mobile. Follow these steps to keep tabs on their messages:

  • Open settings and tap on “messages.”
  • Head to the “send and receive” option and tap “use your Apple ID for iMessage.” A box will appear asking you to utilize your default Apple ID for iMessage.
  • Choose “use other Apple email ID.” You will log in with your kid’s Apple email ID and passcode.
  • Go back to settings and tap on “messages.” Enable the “text message forwarding” option.
  • Choose the device where you aspire the texts to go and enter the verification code to confirm the device.

2.     Use A Tracking App

The most effective method to monitor kids’ digital devices is utilizing a tracking application like TheOneSpy. It helps parents safeguard their kids from physical and digital harm.

Its interface makes it effortless for parents to keep tabs on their kids from their mobile or computer. You can track iPhone or Android mobile activity remotely and discreetly on its dashboard. Here are some of its noteworthy features:

  • Activity report: You can check your child’s device usage remotely without getting discovered.
  • Monitor several devices: It is compatible with all major iOS and Android devices. So, you can track several devices in one place.
  • Browser history: You can ensure your children won’t access inappropriate websites by spying on their browser history.
  • Social media app monitoring: You can track their chats, voice and video calls, voice notes, photos, etc., on all their social media applications.
  • Location tracking: You can monitor their location, such as exact locality, route maps, and GPS history.

3.     Use iCloud

If your kid has an iPhone and it is essential for you to locate them, you can do it by gaining access to their iCloud. This option is available on all iPhones, but you need to be aware of the account details.

The iCloud tracking feature assists you in discovering the phone’s whereabouts, playing a sound on the target’s smartphone, removing all the data remotely, and enabling lost mode. To begin tracking your kid’s iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to iCloud using the credentials of your target mobile.
  • Click find my iPhone, head to an interactive map, and pick your device.
  • Discover your child’s location.

4.     Use Android Device Manager

You can rely on the Android device manager to track your kid’s Android device. It is an integrated tool by Google that permits monitoring someone’s GPS location.

It helps you locate the target device, lock it, remove all its information, and change the lock-screen passcode. Here is how to use ADM to monitor your kid’s phone:

  • Sign in to the Google account linked with the target phone.
  • Choose the device you need to monitor.
  • Check your kid’s location or lock the mobile if required.


Monitoring your children’s devices was never this much easier. Now, you can know what they are experiencing in the digital world using the methods mentioned above and communicate with them appropriately.



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