Lesser-known Facts About Gemstones You Will Love to Hear


Are you a gemstone jewelry lover and your wardrobe is blemished with some shining and shimmering pieces of gemstones?

Well, if yes, then you deserve to hear these lesser-known facts about gemstones.

Most Colourful Stones on the Planet

You would be truly startled on realizing the fact, that at present, there are more than 200 varieties of stones that have been discovered by the mankind.

And amongst them, gemstones are by far, the most vibrant and colourful specimens that humans have came across by far. Eventually, they also tend to be the most valuable and precious.

Highly cheerful and mystic colours of these gemstones leave everyone spell-bounded with their mesmerizing and mundane beauty. And when complimented with a stylish and sizzling outfit, then the elegance of the dress and the vibrance of your gemstone jewelry would indeed make you the centre of attraction amidst the entire crowd.

These colours of gemstones are also the most potent and major factor for its beauty and alluring appearance. Besides, every gemstone depicts a unique and utterly precious frolic of blissful colour that let the jewelry lovers choose from a wide range of gemstones.

For instance, opal jewelry is priced worldwide for its precious and exquisite natural colour phenomena which is known as the “play-of-colours.

Similarly, the divine and the mystic moonstone jewelry is treasured for its milky to whitish adularescence which elevates the glamour of its bluish sheen.

The Divine Birthstone jewelry

You would have often heart astrologers claiming that those people born in the month of October must adorn themselves with opal jewelry to ignite the sparkle of purity and hope within their heart. Similarly, astrologers throughout the world also reinforce that those born in the month of December should blemish their body and soul with Turquoise Jewelry in order to get bestowed with its miraculous healing powers and positivity to eradicate the negativity lingering in the aura.

The major reason that can be cited behind this age-long belief is that, for centuries, it has been strongly believed by jewelry lovers all over the globe that every gemstone carries within itself some astonishing powers and properties that can particularly align with the destiny of those born in a particular month of the calendar.

Although the exact scientific reason behind this faith and belied could be emphasized upon properly in the blog, but the seeds were soon thousands of years ago, and the legendary tale can be traced in the holy bible.

As per avid scholars, this belief was sown in the breastplate of the Aaron, as derived from the holy bible.

The breastplate was decorated with 12 might and miraculously beautiful gemstones that back then, represented the 12 tribes of Israel. Accordingly, these each of those 12 gemstones was associated with a particular month of the year and was deemed to be the birthstone jewelry for that particular month.

(Source: Exodus 28:15 of the bible)

The Unheard Tale from the Titanic

Admit it, you must have surely shredded tears after watching the “Titanic”. One the finest piece of cinema ever produced in the world. All credits to James Cameron that he documented a beautiful and inspiring love story back then in 1997.

We all are surly well-versed with the story and the cause that turned the unsinkable to a piece of colossal wreck.

However, only a few are versed with the other side of the story that remained unheard.

And the crux of that unheard tale goes as per the saying: “With Titanic, a highly valuable and precious Blue Sapphire Necklace also got sank in the deepest darkness of the Atlantic Ocean on that cosy night of 29th April 1912.

That piece of sapphire was deemed to be valued in crores and was probably, one of the most valuable and precious items that was sailing along with the passengers during the maiden voyage of the Titanic from USA to England.

The Hardest Occurring Gemstone

You might be knowing this that the beautiful, crystal-clear elegance emanating diamonds tends to be the most valuable and precious gemstones on this planet.

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But are you versed with yet-another reality that besides being honoured with the label of the most-expensive gemstone, the tag for the hardest occurring gem also goes to diamond.

The hardness of this utterly mesmerizing gem has received a 10/10 score on the Mohs Scale of hardness. It means that no other jewel in the world can cause a breakage or damage to diamond. However, only a diamond can be used to chip off a diamond.

What Does the Garnet’s Name Represent?

It’s quite obvious to find some misconceptions prevailing around the names of gems and jewels.

One such misconception is the name of garnet jewelry is inspired by the term “blood”, due to its colour being as red and dark as that of blood.

Well, that cent per cent true.

However, not the right justification for this fact. The reality is that garnet has got its name from the fruit “Pomegranate” as the seed of the former resembles with the colour and pattern of the jewel.

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