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Learn To Draw Landscape Nature offers many magnificent, fantastic views to behold. Depending on the time of day, a view may occasionally change distinctively.

Learn To Draw Landscape sunset and dawn would be two of this transformation’s most beautiful parts of the day. In this tutorial on how to sketch a sunrise, we’ll concentrate on the second of these.

Keep reading if you’re interested in how to immortalise this scene in artwork and photos!

We wish you a pleasant time as you follow along with our instructions in this 6-step tutorial on how to sketch a sunrise.

Let’s Get Began Learning How to Draw A Sunrise!


  • In this tutorial on sketching a sunrise, we’ll create an image showing a serene and lovely ocean view.
  • Although we will draw some specifics and other components throughout the book, we’ll concentrate on the sea itself.
  • Since we will draw some curved, wavy lines horizontally on the page, this will be a straightforward element to draw.
  • Once these have been drawn, you will be prepared to add more details in the following stages.


  • After that, sketch a tiny boat on the water.
  • We’ll add a tiny sailboat to the picture as we continue to sketch the sunrise.
  • For now, let’s concentrate on the underside of the boat, which you can depict by using interconnected curved lines.
  • These lines will create three thin shapes to give the impression that this part of the boat is made of wood.
  • That will take care of the foundation of the boat, and in the following section of the instruction manual, we will make sure to add a sail to finish it off.


  • The third stage is to draw a sail for the boat.
  • We will now complete the sail for the boat you started in the previous section, as stated in the previous step of this tutorial on how to draw a sunrise.
  • Start by tracing a straight line from the boat’s centre at a faintly oblique angle.
  • You can also add a small flag to the summit of it. This will serve as the boat’s main mast.
  • You can then sketch the sail’s sheets once this mast is drawn. Draw two roughly triangular sails for the front of the craft using some curved lines.
  • The tip of the central mast and the top of one of these sheets can also be connected in a straight line.
  • Finally, you can add two more sails to the rear of the boat by drawing more curved lines. The bottom one will be large and slightly squared, whereas the upper one will be slightly smaller.


  • Continue to sketch the scenario.
  • The next stage will involve significant additions to your sunrise drawing. Let’s begin by using more curved lines to sketch a tiny island in the water.
  • After that, we’ll sketch some palm plants that protrude from the island. We will also add some vegetation details and wavy lines to depict some sand details.
  • The sky will be drawn at the end. Draw a straight line across the entire width of the image to accomplish this. This line will follow the stems of the palm trees and the back of the ship.
  • The sun is then partly hidden by the trees on this horizon, and you can draw a circle there. Add some line details to the water below this sun to complete the image.


  • Complete your sunrise drawing by adding a few extra elements.
  • In this stage of our tutorial on drawing a sunrise, we’ll add a few more details to complete this picture because pictures like this are composed of details.
  • You can sketch some straight lines from the round sun to create the brilliant sun rays we will add.
  • You can add two puffy clouds to the heavens to finish this idyllic scene. That will wrap up all of our information, though you are welcome to contribute any additional information you deem appropriate.
  • What else might you add to this lovely picture to transform it into a paradise sunrise?

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