Important Factors to Consider While Buying Cat6 Solid Copper

Cat6 Solid Copper

Cat6 solid copper has remarkable data transfer rate along with sturdy jacketing. You can use this cable anywhere due to its capability to support heavy networks. In addition, this cable can withstand extreme conditions without any hassle. If you are thinking about buying an Ethernet cable for your networking requirements, this cable is surely the best one you can get.

There are many important factors you need to consider while shopping for this cable. Not only will this help you choose the right cable but also be at a fair price. This article will talk about all these imperative things in an Ethernet cable. Let us start.

Cat6 Solid Copper Cable Length

This is one of the basic things you should consider while purchasing a cable. Furthermore, you should have clear about your networking needs. For example, this cable can offer a 10Gbps data transfer rate which is good. You can enjoy this speed at a length of 50 meters. These are ideal conditions for any cable.

If you are an installer, you should know that speed varies with cable length. The longer you run a cable, the less speed you will get. This is true for any cable at your disposal. Lastly, there will be a time when you will get a 1Gbps data transfer rate at 100 meters. Hence, the cable length is one of the most important factors to consider while shopping for a cable.

Outer Jacketing

There are generally three types of jackets in Ethernet cables. There are many color variations you can get from different manufacturers. For instance, you can order a white cat6 solid copper if that is your theme. You need to remember that the outer jacketing offers strong protection against crosstalk and electromagnetic interference.

The three types of jacketing include plenum, riser, and PVC. You can choose either one based on your deployment location. Furthermore, if you want to install it in an indoor condition, you may want to choose a plenum or riser for that purpose. As the names indicate, plenum-rated cat6 solid copper is ideal for plenum spaces. Let’s take a deeper look into cable jacketing.

Plenum cables – you can use these cables for the plenum spaces of your building. In addition, they have fire retardant characteristics. It means that they can put out a fire to prevent any damage. Always choose a plenum-rated cable for a plenum space.

Riser cables – as the name suggests, these cables are ideal for riser spaces of your building. You can use riser cables for vertical installation in your building. Lastly, you can deploy a plenum cable in a riser space but not the other way around.

PVC cables – PVC or polyvinyl chloride are outdoor cables. These cables can survive extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, always deploy them in outdoor conditions. It would be beneficial for you to have basic knowledge about white cat6 solid jacketing.

Cat6 Solid Copper: Shielded vs Unshielded

This debate is as old as the Ethernet cable itself. Generally, there are two types of Ethernet cables based on their internal structure; shielded and unshielded. You can choose either one based on your networking requirements. Before we go any further, let’s take a look at these two cables.

Shielded cables – the name can give you some idea. The internal structure of any cable has four twisted pairs of pure copper. These wires work as a conductor. Furthermore, there is a shield around all these pairs to fight off crosstalk and EMIs. This type of cable is ideal for data centers. Lastly, these cables have better resistance against all sorts of crosstalk and electromagnetic interferences. The only downside is the price of these cables.

Unshielded cables – unlike the shielded ones, these cables do not have any extra layer of protection around the conductors. But it does not change the fact that these cables also have remarkable resistance against crosstalk. You can choose this cable for your home network and local area networks. Lastly, these types of cables are less expensive.

Manufacturers & Standards

When you are out there shopping for Ethernet cable, make sure you buy one that meets all the industry standards. In addition, ask for a cat6 solid copper cable that’s been fluke tested. This way you will get the best cable. Also, keep an eye out for TIA/EIA-verified cable.

Manufacturers are also another important factor to consider. Nearly every supplier offers cat6 solid copper. When ordering online, make sure to check all the details. Lastly, this will help you get the best cable at a reasonable price. If you follow these instructions, you get to end up buying the best cable at an affordable price.


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