How to Decorate Your Pooja Space?


Pooja space is one of the most important and sacred places of any house and adorning it with style and culture depicts the value we give to it. In Indian culture, we usually decorate the space with religious idols, diyas and rangolis if they match our taste. We at Pragathi strive to bring Indian culture to your doorstep with every category we own, from idols to traditional men’s and women’s wear. We ensure that your special occasions are done with a touch of tradition and culture no matter where you stay. Here are some of the ways that help you decorate your pooja space    

Choose the Colours Elegantly

Pooja space is nothing but a sacred little temple of the home, so choosing the colours and contrasts while painting the walls of it is equally important apart from placing the idols in the room as the perfect colours enhance the space and bring real meaning to it. Go with yellow, orange and other pleasant yet bright colours while painting the walls as they instil the traditional and devotional vibe while we enter the pooja space. You can also choose wallpaper with various designs instead of paints if you find them suitable for your pooja room.  

Pick the Best Door Design

The door is the gateway to your pool space and usually grabs the attention before entering the pool space. Nowadays, so many door designs are coming into the picture, and you can easily choose any one of them that perfectly suits your pooja room interiors. Some go with the religious symbols carved onto the door, while some choose to have temple bells on the door. In recent times, transparent doors with motifs are the trendy alternatives one can opt for as we can easily see through the glass and pray to the deities from outside without opening the door every time. Decorating the transparent door also seems beautiful, as it gives a classy and simple touch to the pooja space. 

Set Up Lights Properly

The absolute beauty of the pooja space lies in the lights you arrange. The brighter yet serene lighting you place, the more your pooja space looks beautiful. You can start with tea lights at the room’s entrance, arranging string lights all over the shrine and even using LED lights to highlight the door and the entrance. We have a wide variety of pooja items that not only glorify your pooja space but also fill it with a sense of serenity and calmness. 

Placing the Idols

Idols are what pooja space is meant for. You must be careful in choosing the appropriate idols that suit your pooja space. You need to remember that the size of the idols should be compatible with the available space. You can carry it out with brass, silver, wooden, marble and many other kinds of idols that fit beautifully in your pooja room. Our team exclusively brings you a plethora of idols, from Ganesh to buddha, from Lakshmi to lord Krishna, made of metal, wood and marble, which brings the spiritual glow to your home effortlessly. Our return gifts category will also be an added beauty to the existing idols, and you can invite your friends during the festive seasons to give them the best return gifts you will ever come across.

Decorating the Floor

All done with the walls and the idols. Now it’s time to focus on the floor of the pooja room. Most of us will have an eye towards rangolis that capture the vision and elevate the beauty of the pooja room altogether. We can go with colour combinations that go well with the flooring and reflect the ambience of the pooja room with grace and pleasantness. For example, for a pooja room with yellow and orange painted interiors, you can opt for a light yellow and red combination painting on the floor. You can also go by placing a compact carpet and a seating arrangement for your comfort while performing the pooja. Maroon, red, yellow, orange, green and any of the radiant colours can be chosen for the carpet of the pooja space if you want it to be brighter; else, you can also go with warm and light-coloured shades that match your taste.    

Place the Accessories Correctly

Your pooja room needs some accessories that take you to the world of divinity altogether. From diyas to the Dhoop sticks, from incense stands to bells, arrange pooja accessories in a proper and ordered way so that every accessory has its place and will not dominate the others. Suppose you are planning to put diyas; arrange them on both sides of the pooja mandir with a Dhoop stick stand at the corner of the pooja space. You can also decorate the shrine with fresh flowers of your choice by placing them like a garland on the top of the pooja space.     


A Pooja room is the best way to welcome spirituality into your home and decorating and arranging it correctly will help you be in a spiritual and peaceful space at home


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