How to create a custom Wikipedia page?


Suppose you want authentic information free of cost, so only Wikipedia is a platform that can deliver you the most original and reliable information at no charge. It does not matter where you live because of the access to Wikipedia you can get from any corner of the world. Wikipedia has detailed information about every tin thing; it has articles on every topic of the world’s wonders; How to create a custom Wikipedia page there is nothing Wikipedia fails to answer. Suppose you go to the search bar to search for something. Wikipedia will be on the top so you can measure the importance of this website. In that case, Wikipedia is the giant online encyclopedia in the world, and the contributors aim to make information accessible to every human being worldwide.

This world’s giant encyclopedia carries forward the aim with more than 55 million articles operating on it with more than 52 million reliable and relevant pages. The best of this website is that this knowledge network is still growing with the availability of more than 300 languages, so now, with no worries, you can use any language other than English to gain information. Wikipedia has given you this massive opportunity of choosing a language of your own; there is a wide range of languages which include all the national languages with mainstream regional languages. Nonetheless, with easy accessibility and language ease, the platform is listed in the world’s top fifteen most visited sites, with 22.67 billion annual views.

Now, why and how to create a custom Wikipedia page. So, the answer why is that if you think you have the potential and skills that the world should know, then it is high time you create a Wikipedia page for yourself. If you don’t remember wondering how you would do it, follow the steps to make a seamless Wikipedia page.

  1. Click on the setting and add the app
  2. Now click on the page library
  3. You will see a name box; mention your name for the new Wikipedia page library.
  4. Click on the create option
  5. To add users, click on the share in the top right of the page.
  6. In the share dialogue box, enter the names, email addresses, or the alias “everyone.”
  7. Now click share and save

The step to creating a Wikipedia page is explained below, which will help you develop the Wikipedia page more accurately with the complete guidelines and policies. This article will assist you in creating a Wikipedia page with no errors or flaws and clear every doubt.


If you are set off to work on any website, you should know about it. You should understand the terms and policies of that site and how Wikipedia works and the terms and policies because Wikipedia is a site where every piece of information is authentic and credible for the audience. Wikipedia does not allow any irrelevant information. If found, it will reject the page. The terms and policies of Wikipedia include credibility, notability, originality, and approval criteria.


When you are satisfied with your knowledge of terms and policies and usage of Wikipedia, you can create an account or page on Wikipedia. To create an account, you have to visit the website and go with the information. Set your account with a suitable username, and your user page is ready.


You are close to the creation of a Wikipedia page, now, another seems too hard, but the actual easy step is editing the existing pages. It would help if you thought about why to edit the current Wikipedia page. So, the answer is that it will improve your editing skills, and Wikipedia also tracks the active user accounts in this activity. Then they can get the auto-confirmed version or autoconfirmed user level. Editing the existing page will help you in creating or editing Wikipedia pages.


When you are creating a Wikipedia page, make sure to gather all the research from relevant and credible sites. One of the most crucial steps is to decide on your subject, and all the references and links you are adding to your Wikipedia page must be from authentic sites, as the audience wants to know where the information has been coming from. You should add these references and links on the Wikipedia page to inform the audience about the relevant topic and subject.


Now you are coming to an end. You have searched about your topic, so it’s time to begin composing your article for your page or account. Outline and highlight all the authentic information in your content with the respective guidelines of Wikipedia.


After the completion of the draft now, it’s time to submit your current for review; the editor will review it and remove all the mistakes and errors found in the draft. After it submits it for approval, getting approved or rejected might take some day or a week. You will get the email.


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