How to check the quality of installation of the front door?


Bought and installed an entrance metal door? Congratulations on your purchase of secure-house communal entrance doors! And we advise you to check the quality of its installation.

We offer a small checklist on how to check the quality of the installation of the front door so that no troubles overshadow its use.

When to check door installation?

Without leaving the cash register, that is, immediately after the installation of the door is completed. Before the slopes are installed. Otherwise, you will have to dismantle the slopes, which will also suffer in the process.

And if you decide not to install the slopes, then it is necessary until the installers leave. Go!

How to check door installation?

Please pay close attention to the following:

  1. Door position
  2. Force when opening and closing
  3. Locks
  4. Mounting seams

Door position

It is necessary to check the position of the door in the open form. A well-installed canvas does not close or open on its own.

Checking at 90°, 45° and 15°

Open the door 90° and leave it in the open position. We observe the canvas, which should not move. Then repeat the procedure at 45° and 15°.

If the door begins to close or swing open by itself, this is a sure sign of poor-quality installation. This means that the door is not level in the opening. Bring this to the attention of the installers and tell them that reinstallation is necessary.

Force when opening and closing

The door should open and close freely without any extra effort. But at the same time, do not “clap” on the box. It depends on the seals that are installed around the perimeter of the canvas and the box.

But immediately after installation, it is normal that the door closes tightly, with little effort. This means that the seals are of high quality and wide. Everything will return to normal in a few days.

However, if too much force has to be applied, the door closes with difficulty—a sure sign that the workers should be pointed out of this as well.

Torex doors have a metal eccentric – a mechanism for adjusting the fit of the door to the door frame. The eccentric is located at the end of the door frame.

The rotary mechanism adjusts the depth of entry of the latch into the box within 4.5 mm, which allows to achieve the optimal fit of the door.

Opening and closing locks

Open the door and check the operation of the locks – insert the key and turn. Locks should open freely, without “jamming” and effort. After that, close the door and check the operation of the locks again.

If there are any difficulties, contact the installers and point out the problem.

Mounting seams

When installing the door, the gaps between the opening and the frame are foamed with mounting foam. Check the mounting joints – they must be filled evenly and without voids. The quality of the seams affects the sound insulation and thermal insulation of the door structure.

We have covered all the important steps in checking a door. If the door leaf is motionless in the open state, the locks work properly, the force with which the door closes is comfortable for you, and the gap between the frame and the wall is carefully sealed with mounting foam, you can install slopes and complete the decorative finish of the opening.

The installation of your door is excellent. Long and pleasant use!

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