How Do I Promote A Webinar?


Is only good content enough for a successful webinar?

Apart from the great content, the only thing that will drive a huge number of registrations is the promotion of the webinar.

To make your webinar successful and meet your webinar goals, promotion of the webinar with a well-planned strategy is a must. Fortunately, there are many ways to promote the webinar, like social media posts, optimized landing pages, emails, blogs, and many more. 

Let us dive deep into the blog and see some proven tactics to make your webinar a house-full show. 

Find a perfect time to promote your webinar:

The promotion of webinars is a game of time. If done on the right day and time, it can hit the goal by grabbing the attention of maximum attendees. 

It has been proven in many types of research that there are certain days when attendees better act on promotion than other days. 

  • Day- Tuesdays are the best days for promotions. Tuesday is perfect for attracting more attendees for registration as compared to other days. Ensure, you have launched your key promotions on Tuesdays. 
  • Time- The morning, between 8-10 am is the high time for registration. So try sending your promotional emails early in the morning to ensure your emails are at the top of your audiences’ inboxes.


Promote it on social media:

Social media is one of the best platforms to promote webinars. Post at least one post about your webinar on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can also create a hashtag for the event. Moreover, you can promote it on LinkedIn groups that have audiences who find the webinar beneficial. Post-webinar, you can share the recorded webinar on social media platforms to attract millions of new attendees. 

 Promotions through Email:

Email marketing is another fruitful webinar marketing strategy. Send promotional emails to your email contact list, mentioning details of the webinar. According to research, email drives nearly about 79% of registrations. Start sending emails 3-4 weeks before the webinar and increase their frequency to one or two weeks before the event.

But keep the simple, precise, and crisp, emphasizing the advantage of the webinar. Do not forget to add details about the guest speakers. If you are offering any incentive, do mention that also. Most importantly, add the schedule of the webinar with a registration link. Send a minimum of three emails to one contact. Ensure you have filtered out the attendees who have already registered.

Promote it on your website:

Add a call to action button along with a short introduction of a webinar that promotes your webinar at the sidebar of your home page as well as on every page of your website. 

Write blogs:

Write blogs related to the topic of your webinar to promoting it. You can write blogs before and after the webinar. Be creative while writing the blog before the presentation. Once the webinar is over, ask your guest speakers to write a blog about the topic of the webinar. 


Paid Advertisement:

To ensure your success, paid advertisements or promotion is the best way. If you have enough budget for marketing, you can give paid ads about your webinar on different online sites, including social media platforms. 


Collaborate with influencers or team up with other brands:

To drive more registration, you can collaborate with the influencers within the industry. Since influencers have a large number of followers, pairing up with them will enable you to reach their audiences also. 

Furthermore, you can team up with other known brands in the industry to increase your market reach. However, make it simple for your partners to promote the webinar. So that your promotions are more effective. 


Use your employees’ connections:

Your promotions campaigns involve your employees. Ask employees to share information or link to the webinar on their social networking profiles. Employees can spread the word about your webinar in a powerful way, as according to a report from a social networking platform, employees have ten times more connections than a company’s followers. Therefore along with your marketing team, involve your other employees in your promotion plans. 

Optimize your registration pages:

To drive a large number of registrations, you need a great registration landing page. To boost the number of registration, you need to reduce form fields. It will eliminate the confusion and will make your page look classy. Only add those form fields which are most necessary to register.


 Moreover, to grab attendees’ attention, you could also include a video on your landing page. It will facilitate a conversion. Don’t forget to highlight the advantages of the webinar. Plus, tell your visitor what they can learn from the webinar and how the webinar can help them to grow their business or skills. Several webinar tools offer in-built customized templates for registration and landing pages to drive more registration.


Leverage personalized invites:

Apart from your sales team, involve the professionals of webinar hosting solutions in creating a personalized invitation to the prospects. This way, you will get diversity in your thoughts. You can select the best message from those ideas to impress your targeted audiences. You can also use the webinar platform for online meetings with your existing audiences and invite them to attend the webinar.


Maintain the momentum and make a regular series of the webinar:

A regular webinar tempo will not only help you to build momentum but also help grab the attention of your audience. If done well, your audience will eagerly await your next webinar and will likely register for the next webinar or the entire series. For a webinar series, create one hashtag for the complete series and a different one for individual webinars.


Go for an irresistible title and topic:

Along with promotions, the title and topic of the webinar play a pivotal role in its success. To attract a large audience, you need an irresistible topic and title. No attendee will like to register for a webinar having a dud title and topic. Hence, before choosing a title, research your targeted audiences and find what topic will resonate with them. Know about the latest trending topic within your industry. Research more about the trending webinar and blog post, so that you may get the best idea about the topic for your webinar. 

Following these ideas will help you to promote your webinar most effectively. And you will win the half battle by achieving your target of registration. 


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