Employee Monitoring Online – How to Monitor Your Employee’s Computer and Internet Activities


As a businessperson, you want to know whether or not your staff are productive. In order to make the appropriate recruiting and firing decisions, you must also recognise who in your organisation is a liability.

However, if your firm has a large number of workstations with active Internet connections, it may be difficult to watch your employees’ every step as they log on to their various workstations.

Statistics indicate that, on average, corporations squander thousands of dollars each employee due to inefficiency. While at work in your office, your employees may waste countless hours every year engaging in non-work-related internet activity.

How to Monitor Your Employees Screen Using Monitoring Software?

Because of this, you must understand how to successfully monitor your employees’ computer and Internet usage. Installing staff monitoring software is one means of achieving this objective. With this, you will be able to efficiently monitor the computer usage of your employees, as you will be aware of their every action.

A monitoring application functions similarly to a normal security camera. However, rather than a camera, this will be implemented via software. This software is capable of recording whatever your staff do on their individual laptops. From the websites they browse to their internet and computer activity, everything will be recorded.

Every key they press on the keyboard will be saved in a text file that you can access at any time.

Internet Activity Monitoring Software For Protection

Internet activity monitoring software is necessary for protection, whether you are protecting your children from inappropriate websites or from stalker-type creeps who troll the internet for prey, or if you wish to protect your business from employees who use your paid time for playing in internet casinos, or if you wish to catch a cheating spouse in the act in order to confront them with evidence. Regardless of your exact requirements, you will need the appropriate software tools to complete the task successfully.

However, you will need to ensure that internet monitoring software does not act against itself. What do I mean by this? Well, the problem is that some of the available software packages appear to be less than effective due to the fact that they make themselves known and obvious. If I were on a computer that had a large programme icon labelled “Spy” or something similar on the desktop, I would be fully aware that the computer is under surveillance and that everything I did on the computer or online could be recorded.

If you intend to employ internet activity monitoring software, you must ensure that it operates invisibly, or “below the radar” If it’s evident to everyone that it’s running, it won’t be able to complete its mission effectively.


If you want software that can successfully and quietly spy on your employee’s computer, attempt to choose one that can send the captured data to your email automatically. This will provide you with additional convenience, as you will not have to monitor each computer in your firm to determine who is being productive and who is slacking off.

Some staff monitoring software can even capture screenshots of the display. You can configure it to take automatic screenshots every minute or hour, depending on the settings.

This is how you can successfully monitor the computer and Internet usage of your employees. Some monitoring software even has an internet filtering tool. With this, you will be able to restrict your employees’ access to non-work-related websites.

Therefore, if you want to enhance productivity and catch slacker staff, employee monitoring software is your best option. Before purchasing virtually any programme, you must consider whether you want it to operate invisibly in the background or whether you want your staff to be aware of its existence. Some organisations believe that informing their employees about it will keep them productive, while others choose to withhold the information from their staff.

In Nutshell

Regardless of the choice you choose, this is an excellent software tool that can successfully monitor the computer and internet usage of your employees. Overall, with this programme, you will be able to enhance productivity and determine who is working hard for the company’s advantage and who is a liability.


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