Can you have your December Umrah Packages without your mahram?

December Umrah Packages

Recently in 2022, a new rule has been passed by the Saudi Government. It is that women are allowed to perform their Umrah without a mahram. So according to the new rules, it is a golden chance for all of the women to have affordable December Umrah Packages in which they are not supposed to have a person along with them. Also, how and why it is important to have a mahram along with a woman. Here is a detail about this critical point.

Performing of Umrah and its requirements:

December Umrah Packages is one of the most devoted and desired worship in Islam. Most Muslims consider it the part of Hajj. There is a great difference in its parts and times. As the Umrah can perform at any time in the whole year. Whereas Hajj has its specific days.  There is a great difference between offering and Islam and one of the finest acts of devotion.

It is a requirement for every physically, financially, and intellectually healthy man and woman. Every Muslim’s deepest wish is to do this and visit Allah Almighty’s dwelling before he dies. To do the Umrah, pilgrims must follow and respect specific regulations, and their Umrah is invalid if they cannot follow the rules.

Presence of Mahram:

It is necessary that the regulations must follow by both men and women.  Mahram society is one of the most significant regulations that a woman must observe, among many others. “There are unmistakable signals in him, instead of Ibrahim,” the Almighty declared in the Holy Qur’an. And everybody who enters it will be secure. And from the people to Allah is a trip to the home for one who can discover the road. But whoever disbelieves, Allah frees from the world’s worries.

According to the Ayah described above, a person who is able to discover the road signifies that he must undertake Umrah if he can afford the travel and accommodation in Makkah as well as all other charges. Unlike Hajj, December Umrah Packages may be conducted several times in a lifetime and there is no set period to perform it.

Who can be a Mahram:

A Mahram is someone who you cannot marry but who has a close relationship with you, such as your father, spouse, or brother. Because Allah creates males to be guards and guardians of women, she requires the companionship of her protector even on this sacred journey.

Safety of women:

Islam is a religion that provides us with a full rule of life that is best in kindness and compassion. It is the obligation of the powerful, according to Islamic beliefs, to safeguard the weak and defenseless. Because males are stronger than women, Allah appoints men as His guardians to preserve the honor, dignity, and reputation of women.

According to our Prophet (SAW):

The Prophet PBUH forbade women from going alone unless they were accompanied by someone who could defend them. Islam is not a conservative religion that places limits on women; in reality, the underlying reason for this prohibition is to keep women secure and protected. Women are safe traveling with older and respected Muslim men and women.

To find out who your Mahram is, first understand that a Mahram is a male relative whom a woman is permanently barred from marrying owing to blood links or bonds, nursing, or marital bonds (husband).

Other than the husband with whom she can conduct December Umrah Packages, the aforementioned criteria encompass many connections.

According to her, any guy with whom she shared breast milk, including her father, brother, spouse, son, grandpa, grandchild, uncle, nephew, son-in-law, father-in-law, step-father, step-son, and any male with whom she shared breast milk, is a Mahram. Sharia.

Recent decision about Mahram:

There are conflicting views on whether women should perform Hajj and December Umrah Packages with or without a Mahram. Some scholars think that a Muslim woman does not need to perform Hajj if she does not have a Mahram. Even if she can pay the expense of the travel since she has no guardian.

While the second group of scholars believes that women who do not have Mahram but can afford Hajj or Umrah can sponsor someone else to undertake Hajj in their place.

According to the current rule, it is clear that a woman can perform Umrah without Mahram. In this way, the expenses for a woman of Umrah will decrease. So December Umrah Packages 2022 will be totally different.

Specification of age:

The Saudi government established guidelines for women to undertake Hajj or December Umrah Packages, and women under the age of 45 are not permitted to perform Hajj or Umrah without a mahram. This implies that he is ineligible to go to Saudi Arabia if he does not have a Mahram and is under the age of 45.

If a woman is 45 or older, she may travel without a Mahram only with an organized group or family and must produce a notarized proof of non-Mahram. But now after the new rule, women can have their cheap December Umrah Packages from a reliable travel agency. So the services of the cheap umrah packages will be more than enough for you.

According to the past situation:

In certain situations, women can not even permit to leave the Saudi Kingdom without their Mahram. Was the rule in this instance how her visas were best? If the visa was granted in the name of a Mahram, he was not permitted to exit Saudi Arabia without that Mahram.

This issue might arise if the flights were planned differently or if they intended to go to two distinct locations. It is the best advice that you visit a travel agent before buying flights, putting together a package, and leaving.

To accompany any lady connected by blood, the minimum age to become a Mahram is 17 years. If your Mahram is not in the nation from where you are departing, you can plan indirect flights to meet up before entering Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that you must all exit Saudi Arabia together. Otherwise, you will encounter several difficulties, and the visa process is very hard.

Concerns of the Saudi government:

In the present age when most women just join a group of people who are about to go to offer their Umrah. Another common dangerous arrangement that some agents participate in is “Mahram securing.” It is about a lady’s relationship with a family she has never met.

This not only causes legal issues, but it can also damage the substance of the ibadah involved. So do not get engaged in such a mess, and remember that you are going before the king of the kingdom, who knows every detail of your life, and there is nothing you can do if you attempt to evade him to go to his house. So the present situation is now totally changing in which women can do without their mahram.

Transport for Umrah

Luxury automobiles are provided by the best travel agents for pick-up and drop-off. In their Executive Cheap December Umrah Packages, transport in comfort and style. Throughout your Umrah journey, you can ride in a VIP transport to avoid the trouble of hailing a cab and negotiating over prices.

Depending on your family size and needs, luxury transportation is available at the airports in Jeddah and Madina.


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